Select a committee and the type of event.
Congratulations on choosing to become a supporter/sponsor of Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.! Before getting started, please be sure to take a moment to review our FAQs. Selecting the type of event you will hold is fun and exciting, but we suggest gathering a small, dedicated committee as your first step to ensure your event’s success from start to finish.
Once your committee is in place, begin researching types of events to hold. Keep in mind who your potential supporters are, your event location, and your volunteer base. Some popular ideas that have been successful in the past include golf tournaments; run, walk, bike or swim events; banquet, dinner or gala events; company fundraisers, giving circles, and more! When organizing a fundraiser or event to benefit Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., please bear in mind we do not support any fundraiser that is of a sexual, political, or religious nature.
Set a date and a fundraising goal.
Setting a date early in your planning process is key. This date will determine the timeline for your entire planning process. As you consider dates, be aware of all local and national events, as well as holidays. At this stage, you will also want to determine a realistic fundraising goal and set a budget.

Register your event.
Now that you have the big details outlined, let us know what you’re planning! You will need to provide us with your contact information, an event description, event date(s), and the event location. We also suggest that you supply us with an event name and an estimated number of attendees. When selecting an event name, keep in mind that your event benefits Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.,, but is not sponsored by Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.. For example, if you’re planning a 5K run/walk, we suggest naming your event “Race to Benefit Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.”, rather than “Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s 5K Run”.
Once you have compiled your information, fill out our Supporter Fundraiser Form, which will register your event with our office. This will enable you to request resources for your event and, once approved, will post it to our third-party Events Calendar.

Make a plan and recruit volunteers.
You have outlined the big details and registered your event, so now it’s time to start planning! Use your outline to establish a schedule of what needs to be done. Start with the date of the event and work your way backwards to ensure you give yourself enough time to prepare. Attention to detail is essential to the success of every event. Remember pieces like advertising and promotion!
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Pool together competent volunteers to help with preparations and day-of tasks. Once you delegate jobs to your volunteers, check in on a regular basis to see the progress and find out if they need any additional assistance.

Collect funds.
As you begin asking for information about the services that you are supporting, Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., will be there to respond.  You will want to make sure that the message you convey is precise, effective and brief.  Do not forget to mention that all monetary contributions are fully tax deductible.  As soon as we receive the funds that you have collected, we will send a letter of acknowledgment for all contributions, which supporters can use for their own tax records.

When receiving donations in cash, please provide an offline donation tracking EXCEL file with the names and addresses of the individuals who have donated in cash, as well as the amount donated by each individual, and the date of the donation.  For the security of cash donations, please convert them into a check before sending through the mail.  To ensure timely processing of your guest’s donations, please send in the contribution as soon as possible so that we can mail an acknowledgment letter in a timely fashion..

Please Note: ALL donation checks should be made payable to Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.

Let us know how your fundraiser went.
We are truly honored that you have selected our organization and the wounded service personnel and physically/mentally challenged children whom we serve as the beneficiary of your event.  We hope your event will be a great success!  If you have any pictures of video, we would love for you to share them with us at  Please let us know if we can share your pictures online to showcase your event.

Please Note: If you would like to use the Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., logo on any marketing materials for you event, please submit your material designs prior to print/production for approval.  If Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s logo is misused or any way as determined by Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., the cost of any/all reproduction or reprints shall be at the creator/fundraiser’s expense.


Have a Fish Fry, Clam Bake, or Bar-B-Que.   Hold a bake sale.  Conduct a Comedy Roast. Use your imagination.  Establish a Fishing Tournament that pits Teams vs. Teams, High Schools vs. High Schools, City vs. City, or State vs. State. Any and all donations from these events are greatly appreciated.
















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