General FAQs

1.  When was Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.,  founded?

On May 1, 2009 the organization was founded.  On June 1, 2009, an application for incorporation as a non-profit under the laws of the State of Ohio were submitted to the Ohio Secretary of State.  On June 4, 2009, the State of Ohio granted Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., a Corporate Certificate as a non-profit organization, bearing identification number 1861499 [document number 200915401144].  On September 22, 2010, the I.R.S. conferred 501(c)(3) status as a tax-exempt non-profit on Kuebler’s Navy, Inc..

2.  How was the organization founded and by whom?

Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., was founded in Avon Lake, Ohio, by a group of friends who decided to take direct action to help injured service men and women, combat veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom, and physically and mentally challenged children. Read more about our History.

3.  Is Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., a legitimate charity?

Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., was granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service functioning as a charity under 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the organization are fully deductible as charitable contributions.  Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s Federal I.D. number for donations is 35-2366077. Moreover, Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., bears the name one of the founding director’s and his father.  Therefore, if you have a question or a challenge, you know who to go to for answers.   Feel free also to take a look at Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s tax information and financial data.

4.  Where is Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., located?

Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., is headquartered in Avon Lake, Ohio, on the southern shore of Lake Erie, approximately equal distance from Cleveland, Ohio and Sandusky, Ohio.  As this organization expands nationwide, we may open and maintain an office in Washington, D.C. along with field offices in other locations across the country. We are focused on becoming a national organization and offer services to wounded soldiers, combat veterans and physically and mentally challenged children throughout the nation, regardless of whether Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., maintains an office and/or staff are in your area.

5.  Who does Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., serve?

Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s mission is to provide a measure of gratitude in the form of recreational boating to honor wounded veterans who have incurred service-related wounds, injuries and illnesses (physical or psychological), and other combat personnel, for their service in Operation Enduring Freedom. This service is also extended to service-wounded veterans who took part in all other combat engagements of the U.S. military since World War II. You may also be eligible for the recreational services provided by Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., if you are the spouse or family member of a warrior who falls from combat-related wounds.  Finally, this service is offered to physically/mentally challenged and terminally ill children and their families, and to universities, colleges and schools for scholastic research, navigation courses, and other related activity, and to governmental agencies when needed.

6.  Why don’t you offer services to ALL veterans and children?

Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., begins its service as a small, grassroots effort to provide recreational opportunities to soldiers engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom, soldiers who sustained combat-related wounds in previous wars, soldiers leaving to/returning from combat zones and their families, and physically and mentally challenged and terminally ill children. The founding directors felt that the organization could do the most good by providing more focused recreational boating programs and services to these deserving individuals, rather than spread our resources too thin by trying to help all veterans and children. We are also aware that there are a great many terrific veterans’ organizations which provide services for veterans and other great charitable organizations for children, but very few focused on serving combat veterans and children with this particularly focused recreational service.  We will endeavor to work with such organizations to further their goals and mission and those of Kuebler’s Navy, Inc. As we grow, we hope to expand this recreational service more broadly.

7.  I am a warrior, a wounded warrior, a warrior coming/going to a combat zone, a family member of a fallen soldier, and/or family member of a child who is physically/mentally challenged. How can I join or get involved?

Sign up online, drop us an e-mail, or give us a call on our toll-free number, 800-346-4497, to volunteer, place us in touch with a group who wishes to go on a charter, or to arrange for a charter.  Always spread the word.  If you are a celebrity who is interested in having the opportunity to spend time with wounded soldiers and combat veterans who are departing to/returning from hostile/war zones, or would like the chance to put a smile on a child’s face, we are very interested in hearing from you .  The suggestions, input, efforts and assistance of all volunteers is greatly appreciated.

8.   How can I help wounded soldiers, veterans leaving to/returning from combat, and physically/mentally challenged and terminally ill children?

There are many different ways to get involved and make a difference! Here are a few ideas:
Volunteer. Call your local VA medical center or any children’s charity, and ask whether they are aware of our services, are interested in taking a charter, or tell them of our service and encourage them to sign up for a charter.
Advocate for veterans and physically/mentally challenged children. Call or write your congressional representatives or senators and urge them to make wounded veterans and physically/mentally challenged children a legislative priority. Keep your eyes and ears open, too, on Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s web site for issues of importance and advocacy alerts with opportunities to sign petitions, write letters, and more.
Help raise awareness. Even the simplest efforts can make a difference. Help spread the word about our services offered by Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., the needs of wounded veterans and physically/mentally challenged children,  and the opportunities available in your home community. If you know a wounded warrior, departing/returning soldiers or physically/mentally challenged children who might benefit from Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s services, urge them to get involved – it’s free!   Pass the word to other charitable organizations about our co-sponsor charters.  If you are a charitable organization and are interested in co-sponsoring a charter to raise funds for your organization, drop us an e-mail or give us a call on our toll-free number, 800-346-4497.
Consider a financial gift. If you’re in a position to do so, financial contributions are always greatly appreciated. Perhaps you might even host a fundraising event with your friends to benefit warriors!
Honor warriors and befriend the child. If you know a warrior, thank them for their service and sacrifices. If you know or see a physically/mentally challenged child, give him/her a hug and a smile and bring the child into your world.  These small gestures mean so much, close many wounds and last a lifetime!
Wear the Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., logo. You can show your support for Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., by purchasing a T-shirt or a hat bearing the logo of Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.  These items can be ordered and purchased online.

9.   What type of services do you provide?

Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., provides free recreational boat charters to wounded soldiers, combat veterans, physically/mentally challenged children and their families, in addition to charters provided to universities, colleges and schools to conduct academic research. Please visit our About page and browse all our offerings that are categorized.

10.  I would like to receive Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., updates and news. How can I receive these communications?

Anyone can sign up to join our email list through our online subscription form. You’ll receive the latest news about our services, the individuals and organizations we serve, plus our monthly e-newsletter.

11.   I would like to know more about Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s corporate and financial documents. Where can I find this information?

Take a moment to look at our financials page and bowse through these corporate records and documents .

12.  How can I offer my services and volunteer to help Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.?

Spread the word, hold fund raisers, contact, particularly charter boat captains licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard, certified SCUBA divemasters/instructors, certified marine mechanics, offer dockage, storage, maintenance, transportation, insurance, donate fuel, equipment. Encourage others to get involved and volunteer and/or donate.

13.  Does Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., have any charters/boats in my area?

At the present time, boats will have their home port in Lorain, Ohio and charters will be offered from Monroe, Michigan to Erie, Pennsylvania, on Lake Erie.  As we grow, additional boats will have their home ports located in various areas of the United States.  When that happens, you may check the scheduling CALENDAR for each boat to determine the dates available for a charter.
Supporters – Check the community events calendar for third party events in your area.

14.  How can I arrange for a charter for veterans and physically/mentally challenged children or to conduct scientific research or navigation courses?

15.  I don’t support (the war/a certain politician/a national policy, etc.).  Why should I get involved with Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.?
Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., is a non-partisan, non-denominational and non-political charitable organization.  We don’t take a stance on the efficacy of any war or political policy beliefs.  We only advocate for the interests of those we serve.  We believe that regardless of your politics and beliefs, all persons can work together toward the successful accomplishment an important  common goal.  Irrespective of personal politics, the soldiers in our nation’s military and their families have made tremendous sacrifices on our behalf and they deserve our respect, gratitude and any assistance we can provide.  It’s all about the WARRIOR, not the conflict in which they serve to our collective benefit.

16.  I am a friend who wants to offer services, donate, and/or volunteer as a charter captain or SCUBA dive master/dive instructor.  What do I do?

Give us a call [800-346-4497] or send us an e-mail at to express your interest and advise us of what services you are volunteering.  We will discuss the services which you are offering and the scope and parameters of your participation.  We will then arrange for a match with you, the vessel and a particular charter.

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