Fundraising FAQ’s

1.  Are there guidelines to adhere to when fundraising for Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.?

Yes! Please view our Supporter Guidelines.

2.  Can Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., issue a receipt for donated goods or services?

Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., cannot issue tax receipts for the value of an individual’s time, goods or services donated to the organization, as these items may or may not be deductible under federal tax law and therefore are not eligible for a tax receipt.  We can only issue a receipt which acknowledges the fact of the donation, indicating the item donated and the date of donation.  If you have had the particular goods appraised and valued by a certified individual, we can acknowledge the fact of the appraisal and the amount stated thereon.  Consult your tax advisor with regard to the deductibility of any amount stated on the appraisal of a donated good.

3.  Can Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., issue a receipt for purchases of admission tickets, drawing tickets, and auction items?

Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., will provide a tax-deductible acknowledgment for donations made directly to Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.   Kuebler’s Navy, Inc. cannot issue a receipt for purchases of admission tickets, drawing tickets, and auction items, as there is a good or service exchanged.

4.  Can Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., issue a receipt for my event’s sponsors?

Kueblers Navy, Inc., cannot issue tax receipts for your event’s sponsors, nor can Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., accept sponsor funds and funnel those funds back to the event organizer.

5.  What percentage of the funds I raise as a Supporter go to those served by Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.?

We shall continuously strive to keep administrative and fundraising costs associated with the operation of Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., as low as possible thus maximizing the funds available to fund the many programs and services offered by Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.. Our goal is to assure that 90% – 95% of every dollar donated goes to provide services and programs for our wounded veterans, physically/mentally challenged children and their families. With your assistance, we hope to maintain this percentage each year.

6.   Is Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.,  a legitimate charity? Can I obtain a copy of your tax determination letter?

Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., was granted tax-exempt status by the Internal Revenue Service, functioning as a charity under § 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations to the organization are fully deductible as charitable contributions.  Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s Federal I.D. number for donations is: #35-2366077.  View our financial and corporate documents.

7.  Supporters at my event may want to find out more about Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.. How can they do this?

Once you register your event and it is approved, you will receive access to a Supporter resource page, which contains information you can make available at your event. You can also direct supporters at your event to the About Us portion of our website.

8.  I would like to host an event to benefit local veterans and/or physically/mentally challenged children. How do I do this?

As a national nonprofit, our charter is to serve veterans and children through our programs and services. You may sponsor a fundraising event using the fundraising guidelines stated in this web site.  If you would like to ensure that a soldier or child in your area benefits from our programs and services, please have them register for our programs by sending us an e-mail.  You may also wish to sponsor a charter.  Please register for a charter by sending us an e-mail.

9.  Can you provide information and materials for our event?

Yes, after you fill out a fundraiser form to register your event. We encourage you to use our website as a resource; it covers all Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s programs and services in detail.

10.  Can Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., send a representative to my event?

Absolutely.  If you would like to invite a Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., speaker or representative for your  event please email the details of the special event to  You will then be instructed to fill out a questionnaire that will help us expedite your request. Please note that we can not guarantee a presence at your event.

11.  Can information about my event be posted on the Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s website?

Of course! We would love to feature your fundraising event on our website. First register your event and, once approved, we will contact you with our event resources.

12.  Can Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., provide me with a list of local veterans, supporters, or spokespersons?

Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.,  cannot provide you with a list of veterans, supporters, or spokespersons due to privacy issues.

13.  Can I organize a raffle or an auction for Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.?

Regulations governing raffles differ from state to state, and are often quite burdensome. Please check with your local attorney or state official’s office for your state regulations. An auction to benefit Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., is permissible.  Also, you may consider conducting a bake sale and donate the proceeds of your efforts.

14.  Can Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., refund or reimburse me for some of my expenses?

Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., cannot refund or reimburse any expenses related to externally instigated and managed fundraising events.

15.  Can I use Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s logo to advertise my event?

Absolutely.  If you would like to use Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s logo to advertise your event, please submit your material for approval before printing / production. If Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s logo is misused in any way as determined by Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., cost of any/all reproduction or reprints will be at the creator/fundraiser’s expense.

16.  What events do you have in my area?

Please refer to our Calendar for some upcoming fundraising events.

17.  How can I volunteer at an event?

For volunteer opportunities at fundraisers in your area, please refer to our Calendar of events. You can also fill out our Volunteer Form to be updated and informed of events, campaigns, and initiatives that need volunteers.

18.  Can I create a personalized donation page?

A great way to spread the word about your fundraising efforts is through a personalized donation page for you or your team’s efforts or for an upcoming event you are planning. This page describes the fundraiser and your efforts, and makes a great marketing tool! Visitors who e-mail this specifically designated web page to will then be able to donate online directly to Kuebler’s Navy, Inc. There are many great features you can adjust to your own preference with the personalized donation page.

19.  Can I use Facebook to contact anyone about Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.?

Please do not contact, arrange meetings with, or request information through Facebook.  Please contact  This e-mail address is secure and is protected from spam bots.We will retrieve any information you need.

20.   Are there any fundraisers Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., does not support?

Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., can not have a sexual theme, or be of a political or religious nature, and it cannot be partnered with alcohol or tobacco brands, or the exchange of firearms. The message presented by these types of fundraising efforts conflicts with our mind, body, and spirit approach to the services we provide. As everyone is aware, alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse have been a significant problem with segments of the entire population, wounded veterans and children included, often with lifetime health complications and/or deadly consequences. Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., would not be honoring wounded veterans or empowering physically/mentally challenged children if either group perceived partnerships with these types of events as encouraging the use of products that contribute to serious health problems.

21.  May I contact Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s, corporate sponsors to help with my fundraiser?

Please do not contact any of Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s corporate sponsors. Each of these sponsors and supporters is already making significant contributions to our organization and those whom we serve.

22.  May I contact the local military base or hospitals to see if veterans/children want to attend my event?

Please do not contact military bases or hospitals to invite veterans/children. These requests should come through Kuebler’ Navy, Inc.’s event staff at   However, you are encouraged to contact the USO, VFW, VA, AmVets and/or the American Legion to ascertain whether there are veterans who may be interested in utilizing our services.

23.  Can my fundraiser solicit donations on the street, at stores or gas stations?

Please do not solicit people randomly on the street, or at stores or gas stations. If you would like to fundraise, please support Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., through an event or charter sponsorship.

24.  If I have further questions, who should I contact?

For further information, please contact Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., at

25.  I would like to sign up for a monthly gift, how do I do this?

Thank you for inquiring. Yes, Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., does have a monthly giving program.  The monthly giving program provides a reliable, low-cost source of long-term income for Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., and such giving is highly appreciated.

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