Operational Protocol

Kuebler’s Navy is committed to the viability and sustainability of the environment in which it operates, and it shall employ only safe fishing practices.  We shall engage in “catch-and-release” fishing methods.  We shall limit our catch, not catch our limit.  We shall use the “CBS” hook system whenever possible: “Circle hooks, Barb-less hooks, Single hooks”.  We shall fight the fish quickly, deeply and bring them up slowly to avoid causing injuring.  All fish shall be released at boat side to minimize handling and trauma.  Remember: “Dead Fish = Dumb Fisherman” and “Release Today – Catch Tomorrow”.  We shall obey all fishing regulations and restrictions.  It is not the catch or the kill we provide; it is the thrill of the fight and the camaraderie of the trip. Photographs and video tapes will provide the lifetime memories, and we will preserve them for your future enjoyment.  We shall not anchor on reefs or fragile substrates and we shall only use reef-balls where they have been installed.  All SCUBA diving practices shall encompass “no touch and no take” ethics and such restriction shall be vigorously enforced. We shall obey all SCUBA diving regulations and restrictions. We shall maintain “ZERO TOLERANCE” for drugs, alcohol and other illegal substances; in the event there is any indication of use or possession, the charter shall be immediately terminated and the proper authorities immediately notified.  We shall maintain “ZERO TOLERANCE” for pollution: what goes on the boat, comes off the boat, and is properly disposed of and/or recycled in order to accomplish our part in assuring clean and viable waters for future generations to enjoy.  We shall comply with all federal, state and local environmental rules, regulations and restrictions including the Clean Water Act, OPA 90 and Federal Water Pollution Control Act.  We shall not permit any visible sheen or discharge of pollutants, oil, refuse or sewage from any vessel we operate.

Kuebler’s Navy is committed to honoring and taking care of our national treasures and the vulnerable, our wounded veterans and infirm children.  Kuebler’s Navy is also committed to taking care of our natural treasures which are vulnerable to human activity – our aquatic environment including but not limited to wetlands, marshes, reefs and the navigable waterways of the Great Lakes, Inland Rivers, watersheds, coastal zones and the oceans.  Kuebler’s Navy is committed to doing its part in preventing pollution and pro-actively remediating pollution wherever it is found.  Specifically, Kuebler’s Navy is committed to exercising the following protocols so that a healthy and viable natural environment may be enjoyed by future generations of service personnel and children:

1.    Litter free boating; what goes on the boat, comes off at the dock and is properly disposed of and/or is recycled;

2.    Utilization of harbor pump-out stations;

3.    All maintenance and cleaning is conducted out of the water using only biodegradable chemicals;

4.    Using recycled materials to the maximum extent possible;

5.    Spill-proofing refueling practices and oil changes and disposing of petroleum and chemical cleaners in an environmentally approved manner

6.    Maintain proper fuel monitoring and other operational/navigational techniques to reduce fuel consumption;

7.    Take all other pro-active steps to reduce or eliminate our carbon emissions wherever possible and to the maximum extent possible.

8.    Adhering to “no-wake” zones;

9.    Operate vessels with other boater’s safety and enjoyment in mind;

10.    Educate the public on proper boating mechanics and environmentally sound boating techniques.


Unless the charter consists of a water-based hunting charter [waterfowl], guns, firearms or weapons of any type are prohibited aboard all vessels owned/chartered/operated by Kuebler’s Navy.  Only firearms which are properly licensed and suitable for hunting purposes shall be permitted aboard a vessel which is engaged in a hunting charter [MARINES: THAT MEANS NO .50 caliber MAADI-GRIFFIN MG-6's!!!].


Foremost, bring a good attitude and a big smile; both remedy many maladies.  You may bring your personal choice of food or beverage if you are concerned about our free offerings.  Bring and apply sun screen before departing the dock, although if you forget, we will have sun screen available aboard the vessel for your use.  Bring your personal medications. You may also bring your own camera.  Depending on the weather, always dress in layers.  Make sure to wear boat shoes [rubber soles only; no street shoes or shoes with soles that mark the deck surface; no sandals for your personal safety].  Make sure to bring a broad rimmed hat and sunglasses.  We will provide U.S. Coast Guard approved personal floatation devices which we require that you wear at all times while aboard the vessel.  Always anticipate a great time.


In the unfortunate event that any passenger becomes sea sick or ill, the charter will terminate immediately and return to port.


In the event of inclement weather forecast the charter shall be cancelled.  In the event of an adverse change in weather which risks the safety of passengers, vessels or crew during the course of any charter, the charter shall be terminated immediately and the vessel shall return to the closest safe port-of-call.  The captain shall have the sole responsibility and exclusive right to make the determination whether to cancel any charter due inclement weather forecast or to terminate any charter in progress due to dangerous weather conditions.

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