Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.’s mission is to provide recreational boating activities to qualified individuals:   to welcome the weary soldiers back into our community, and to fully incorporate sick and challenged children into our community. We support with you; we appreciate you and what you mean to us.

Through these water-borne recreational pursuits, Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., intends to provide, support and facilitate programs that ease the physical and emotional burdens of those who have struggled on our behalf and lift the suffering of innocents and their families. Thanks to the wonders of the water world, the oceans and lakes become a  forgiving and healing environment which provide bouyancy to the veteran or child so that they may leave behind whatever struggles they may have on land.   We believe our service is the best way to accomplish our mission for “a day on the water beats a day anywhere else.”

At the end of a long day, when the sun is setting at waters edge, and everyone is reflecting on an enjoyable trip on the water, we hope that those we serve, as well as those who volunteered, sponsored, assisted, and helped to make the day possible, will say in unison: “This was one of the best times I have ever had”. Benefits all around.


Our immediate goal is to commence the charitable service and develop an information campaign to get the word out and increase awareness and interest in our charitable organization and the services it provides in order to obtain donations to operate and expand those services.

Our future goal is to obtain additional boats which are constructed with a sportfishing platform; one that is equivalent to the boat now in use.  Our goal is to acquire additional boats and expand in many more locations.  Eventually, we want to provide our services nationwide.  If this means operating 1000 boats in 500 ports, the happiest people on earth will be those whom we serve.

As this organization grows through your support, contributions and donations, additional  recreational vessels will be obtained; these vessels will be moored at various home ports located on the navigable waters of the United States and elsewhere so that one day it can be said with generosity and gratitude that “THE SUN NEVER SETS ON THE HEROES SERVED BY KUEBLER’S NAVY.” Help us make this organization grow and become successful so that we can offer our services to many more deserving individuals.  Donate today and help the veterans who served you and the kids who deserve a big smile on their faces.


* Ordinary citizens who did not suffer the wounds of war serving the extraordinary heroes who did.

* Some gave all, so let’s all give some.

* Serving the brave who have nobly served us, and the vulnerable who require our service.

* We don’t “dis” ability.

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