Kuebler’s Navy, Inc.*, was founded in May 2009 with the purchase of one 27 foot Boston Whaler Outrage and is a non-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) national organization chartered in the state of Ohio.  A group of three life long friends joined together to form this organization after sitting around while watching a war unfold.  One that seemed to have lapsed into an engagement without end and which had many casualties but not a lot of open participation or great interest among the public generally.  It appeared that the public was going along with their daily lives, unperturbed by these events.  Society, it seemed, was tending to forget or was at least becoming disinterested. This attitude is not tolerable.  So the founders determined that there would be no more sitting on the sidelines, watching others do what they should have been doing all along.  And, an idea set in.

The founders decided to set up their own charity and get involved directly and personally instead of being disconnected and acting anonymously from distance.  As far as the founders were concerned, those who served the nation and suffered the consequences of that service are not going to be forgotten.  The founders pledged to give the thanks that is due and in some small measure pay back part of a huge debt that was long overdue.   But the founders did not stop there.  They realized that other deserving souls might benefit from the services planned for the charity.  The founders know and love several sick children whose lives have blessed them and made them bigger and better persons.  So, they decided to widen the scope of the charity.

Researching what might be done, the founders did not find a charity whose focus was dedicated to operating pleasure boats for purely charitable purposes; not a for-profit charter which donates the use of a boat from time to time, or a charity which, on occasion, provides a boat charter as part of its charitable offerings.  But a dedicated recreational boating charter service.  Thus was borne the idea of this dedicated charter boat-based charity.  The best way to accomplish our goal is through this recreational boating charitable service.  Nothing similar was found to exist on a local or national scene. The purpose of the organization was thus launched:

Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., provides and supports waterborne recreational experiences aboard pleasure boats, including fishing, SCUBA diving, water-skiing/tubing, cruising and sight seeing programs that are open to any wounded warrior, soldier leaving to/returning from a combat zone child, family member of a fallen soldier, veteran with a disability, children who are terminally ill or who are physically/mentally challenged. Our goal is to provide both physical and psychological therapeutic value to these deserving individuals.  We also provide a platform to universities, colleges and schools for their use to conduct scientific research on the aquatic ecosystems of navigable waterways.
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* Kuebler’s Navy, Inc., was named in honor of Dr. Denis L. Kuebler for his service in the U.S. Army as a Private First Class. He served in combat in the Pacific Theater during World War II. The Organization was also named in honor of his brother, Joseph Kuebler, for his service as a sailor in the Navy in the Pacific Theater during World War II, and for all other similarly situated soldiers, sailors and aviators with whom they served. Dr. Kuebler was a member of Company C, 382nd Infantry, 96th Division and engaged in combat operations on Guam, the Philippines, among other Pacific Islands. On May 12, 1945 Dr. Kuebler sustained serious wounds during combat operations on Okinawa. Dr. Kuebler received the Purple Heart as a consequence of his battle wounds. He was also awarded the Combat Infantryman’s Badge 1st Award, Bronze Star, World War II Victory Medal, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with two bronze service stars and a Good Conduct Medal. During post-war civilian life, Dr. Kuebler continued to serve his fellow citizens as a practicing dentist for 45 years. Joseph Kuebler also engaged in combat operations aboard his vessel during the Okinawa campaign.

Listen to Dr. Denis L. Kuebler about his service.

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